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Michigan for Vaccine Choice Bill Watch!

Updated: Jun 6

Why your State Senators & Representatives should 

VOTE NO on Senate Bills SB875,876,877 & HB5283

What is nefarious about these particular bills?  They echo the language of the WHO treaty.  They align with the goals of the WHO in providing more data access to "public-private" entities, while making opting out more difficult. These bills add burdensome steps for highschoolers to attend school, in a time where our school systems are already struggling to maintain enrollment.  Schools should be able to focus on our students, not increasing reporting to the state.  Additionally, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommends Covid-19 vaccine for all children, beginning at 6 months of age.  All studies indicate that there is no reduction of infection or transmission, but a huge increase in adverse events, serious injury and even death. Passing this bill will require parents to obtain a waiver if they decline the Covid-19 vaccine, or even the Influenza vaccine.

We don't want our tax dollars used to increase data collection.  We don't want our children's data being shared without permission or consent. We don't want the Department of Health and Human Services to be allowed to promulgate rules at will, adding vaccines to the Michigan School Schedule, sidestepping our legislative process.

Here are some points you can discuss with your elected officials: 

  • Would add 12th grade as a check point year, making more burdensome for parents

  • Increases data collection on students prior to college

  • It will have additional tax dollars to provide "educational services"

  • It may lead to more "adults <IE students above 18> being added to MCIR

  • Adds the ability for HHS to promulgate rules to adhere to the ACIP recommendations

  • Allows unmitigated promulgation of rules to add future vaccines based on ACIP

  • Allows greater access without greater protection to Personal Health Information of students


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