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Time to do your homework on vaccine safety, efficacy and the diseases that they target.

Researching and Writing

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Are vaccine ingredients, adjuvants, and preservatives safe?

The Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary table is provided below. Note that some ingredients are associated with fertility issues and increased risk of cancer. These two particular health outcomes are typically not studied in safety trials; you can refer to a vaccine's package insert to confirm what has been studied and for how long. To our knowledge, there has never been a safety study performed on combined vaccinations or the vaccine schedule as a whole. 

Did you know?

There are residual biological components from fetal cells that have been assimilated into vaccines, including cell proteins and measurable portions of fetal DNA. 

For a list of ethical vaccines, see below.


Ethical Alternatives to Common Vaccines Developed Using Fetal Cells from Aborted Infants

Science Lab

Could human DNA in vaccines cause cancer, brain damage?


Former pharmaceutical senior scientist, Hellen Ratajczak, explains that when DNA incorporates into a host DNA, it can result in ongoing inflammation that continues throughout the life of an individual. 

Read the article on CBS news 

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