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Time to do your homework on vaccine safety, efficacy and the diseases that they target.

Researching and Writing

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How well are vaccines and the vaccine schedule studied for safety?

Safety studies are typically only performed on individual vaccines rather than the combination of vaccines, which are routinely given by healthcare providers. What's more, there have been no safety studies performed on the comprehensive vaccine schedule.

1,000+ Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies on Vaccines


This comprehensive PDF of scientific studies covers: 

Adjuvants (Aluminum and Mercury)

  • Aluminum-induced entropy in biological systems (neurological disease)     

  • Aluminum Vaccine Adjuvants

  • Heavy-Metal Toxicity (Mercury)    

  • Methodological issues and evidence of malfeasance in research purporting to show thimerosal in vaccines is safe 


Autism and Neurological Disorders

  • A possible central mechanism in autism spectrum disorders

  • Biological Evidence of Significant Vaccine Related Side-effects Resulting in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

  • Modeling Neurodevelopment Outcomes and Ethylmercury Exposure from Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines     

  • Vaccines, depression, and neurodegeneration after age 50 years: another reason to avoid the recommended vaccines

Chronic Disease

  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Vaccines as a Major Risk Factor for Chronic Disease


  • Death after quadrivalent HPV: Causal or Coincidental?

  • HPV vaccines and cancer prevention, science v. activism


  • Current childhood vaccine programs: An overview with emphasis on the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine

And much, much more...

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Studies Relative To Vaccines and Autism and DNA Changes from the National Institute of Health (

Abnormal MMR antibodies and autism

Hypothesis: conjugate vaccines may predispose children to autism spectrum 

Mercury toxic encephalopathy with clinical symptoms of regressive autistic disorders

Relation of mercury to high autism rates

Rise in autism coincides with rise in vaccines

Subtle DNA changes and the overuse of vaccines in autism

Tylenol, MMR and Autism

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