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Time to do your homework on vaccine safety, efficacy and the diseases that they target.

Researching and Writing

Discover a variety of books, documentaries, interviews and websites.

Short videos or interview clips are a great way to start a vaccine choice conversation with a family member, friend, or even your legislator. You can also request that your local library stock the shelves with these books and videos so that more in your community might be better-informed. 

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Books About Vaccines and Vaccine Choice


Crooked: Man-Made Disease Explained: The incredible story of metal, microbes, and medicine - hidden within our faces

Forrest Maready

Read about the convergence of metals, microbes and medicine that started two hundred years ago. 

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Vaccinations

Stephanie Cave, MD, FAAFP

and Deborah Mitchell

Dr. Cave provides information to help parents make knowledgeable choices about vaccinating their children.

The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision 

Dr. Robert W. Sears, MD, FAAP

An impartial, fact-based resource from the most trusted name in pediatrics. Dr. Bob devotes each chapter in the book to a disease/vaccine pair.

The Vaccine-Friendly Plan

Paul Thomas, MD 
and Jennifer Margulis

An accessible and reassuring guide to childhood health and immunity from a pediatrician who is respectful of a family’s health history and concerns.

Your Baby, Your Way

Jennifer Margulis

Explores current practices during pregnancy, childbirth, and the first year of a baby’s life and encourages parents to question what they’re told about prenatal and infant care.


A Shot in the Dark

Harris L. Coulter

and Barbara Loe Fisher

Traces the development of the DPT vaccine, describes its risks, and lists warning signs that a child may be sensitive to it.

Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines and Forgotten History

Suzanne Humphries, MD
and Roman Bystrianyk

Facts and figures from medical journals, books, newspapers, and other sources. 

Vaccines 2.0: The Careful Parent's Guide to Making Safe Vaccination Choices...

Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted

Looks at the roster of today’s recommended vaccines and helps readers choose a schedule based on unbiased, non-conflicted science. 

Vaccine Illusion

Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD

An immunologist explains why vaccines cannot give lasting immunity to infectious diseases and how they jeopardize natural immunity and overall health.


ImmunoFacts 2013: Vaccines and Immunologic Drugs (1st Edition)

John D. Grabenstein RPh PhD MSPharm FAPhA

Concise information on the most frequently used vaccines and immunologics. Covers dosage, administration, storage, formulary admission, and more.

Vaccines and Autoimmunity

Yehuda Shoenfeld

Nancy Agmon-Levin

and Lucija Tomljenovic

A resource for advanced students and researchers working in pathogenic and epidemiological studies.

Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies

Neil Z. Miller

Summaries of 400 scientific papers to help parents and researchers enhance their understanding of vaccinations.


Documentaries, Interviews, and Presentations

Documentaries on DVD

Vaccine Nation

Vaccination: The Hidden Truth

Media To Follow

Children's Health Defense

Sharyl Attkisson

Weston A. Price Podcast

Talk Show Audience

Michigan and National Websites

Michigan Waivers and Tracking

Immunizations Required by Michigan Schools

Parents and guardians can choose to opt their children out of one or all vaccinations by obtaining a certified waiver, which is explained here.

Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR)

Created in 1998 to collect reliable immunization information for children and make it accessible to authorized users. To opt yourself or your child out of MCIR tracking, refer to the MCIR FAQ or submit the MCIR opt-out form.

National Immunization Program, Recalls, and Injury Reporting

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

You can also access this information via

No College Mandates

Stop Mandatory Vaccination

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