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Build Your Vaccine Choice Education and Advocacy Binder

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Michigan for Vaccine Choice Handouts

New! 2024 Voter Guide (pdf)

Learn how your candidates feel about vaccine choice.

Vaccine Schedule Comparison Chart (pdf)

Shows how the childhood vaccine schedule has gone from 5 vaccines to 70+ doses. The spike in doses occurred after the National  Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986.

COVID - What You Need To Know (pdf)

Discusses effectiveness, possible reactions, efficacy, liability, informed consent and more.


Does Vaccine Choice affect me? (pdf)

Discusses how employees, students, and patients appreciate vaccine choice regardless of their views on vaccine effectiveness.

MVC Advocacy Talking Points Handout (pdf)

Provides stats on vaccine doses, injuries, and autism rates. Also highlights the CDC whistle-blower. 

United States and Canadian Vaccines containing aborted fetal cell lines (pdf)

A quick guide to which U.S. and Canadian vaccines are manufactured using aborted fetal tissue. Ethical alternatives are listed if/when available. 

Handouts from Partners and Friends

Is the WHO going to take
over American sovereignty? (pdf)

What could happen in America, without consent of the people, based on international agreements? Learn how to take action per "Stand for Health Freedom."

Ask 8 Questions Before You Vaccinate (pdf)

Is my child sick right now? Do I know the disease and vaccine risks for myself or my child? And other considerations. For more information, visit National Vaccine Information Center.

Twenty Problems with Vaccine Science (pdf)

Dr. Alvin Moss has more than 40 years of medical practice, research, and teaching experience. His interest in vaccine safety and vaccine injury was first prompted by ethical concerns regarding conflicts of interest in vaccine research and in public policy. The opinions expressed are his own and do not represent those of his employer.

Did Vaccines Really Save Us? (pdf)

How sanitation, clean water, and improved living conditions impacted disease rates and mortality.

What Do You Really Know About Vaccines, 32 Questions to Test Your Knowledge (pdf)

Check out this "gone-viral" set of questions compiled by a Michigan vaccine choice leader and advocate.

MDHHS Administrative Rule 325.176 Handouts and Materials

Public Health Code Act 368 vs. Administrative Rule 325.176 (pdf)

View the statute vs. the MDHHS Administrative Rule.

Impact of the 2015 Vaccine Waiver Rule (pdf)

Outlines how vaccinated children must have waivers, too. Provided by Pinwheels for Vaccine Injury

About the Waiver Process (pdf)

Explains how the Administrative Rule is an unfunded mandate that conflicts with the law and promotes government intrusion.

About School Exclusion (pdf)

Explains how the Administrative Rule gives discretion to the local health officer to exclude healthy students from school for any length of time.

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