The law is clear:
EUA products cannot be

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*Though the intention of a COVID-19 mandate is laudable, it is not legal. 

Requiring an individual to take an investigational, unlicensed biologic is unprecedented, unethical and is prevented by 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb–3.


Offering exemptions to a COVID-19 mandate does not cure the illegality of such a mandate. Receipt of an unlicensed and investigational EUA COVID-19 vaccine should remain a personal choice for the individual.

MVC, through its attorney, has issued Cease and Desist letters to Lawrence Technological UniversityOakland University and the University of Michigan regarding their COVID-19 mandate for students residing on campus. We will continue to update this page as responses are received. 

If you or your child are impacted by an EUA COVID-19 vaccine mandate and would like a Cease and Desist letter sent to the college or university, please submit that request here.

In this Issue Brief, MVC demonstrates that mandating an unlicensed emergency use product is unprecedented, illegal, and unethical. Ultimately, the courts will decide if COVID-19 vaccine mandates are legal and enforceable.
Issue Brief - Mandated COVID-19 Vaccine.

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