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The law is clear:
EUA products cannot be

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*Though the intention of a COVID-19 mandate is laudable, it is not legal. 

Requiring an individual to take an investigational, unlicensed biologic is unprecedented, unethical and is prevented by 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb–3.


Offering exemptions to a COVID-19 mandate does not cure the illegality of such a mandate. Receipt of an unlicensed and investigational EUA COVID-19 vaccine should remain a personal choice for the individual.

MVC, through its attorney, issued Cease and Desist letters to Lawrence Technological UniversityOakland University and the University of Michigan regarding their COVID-19 mandate for students residing on campus. We will continue to update this page as responses are received. 

If you or your child are impacted by an EUA COVID-19 vaccine mandate and would like a Cease and Desist letter sent to the college or university, please submit that request here.

Vaccine Exemption Workshop Resources

Siri Glimstad LLP
Register for an on-demand webinar which explains how to obtain an exemption from vaccination, including the COVID-19 vaccine.

Learn more at >

A Voice for Choice Advocacy
Learn about upcoming workshops and get help completing a vaccine exemption for college or the workplace. Workshops are by email invite.

Contact A Voice for Choice  >

Get More Support from "No College Mandates"

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No College Mandates is comprised of a group of concerned parents, doctors, nurses, professors, students and other college stakeholders working towards the common goal of ending COVID-19 vaccine mandates.



In this Issue Brief, MVC demonstrates that mandating an unlicensed emergency use product is unprecedented, illegal, and unethical. Ultimately, the courts will decide if COVID-19 vaccine mandates are legal and enforceable.
Issue Brief - Mandated COVID-19 Vaccine.
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