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 Your  VOICE  is the difference between vaccine choice and no choice at all.

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In order to protect vaccine choice in Michigan—as well as nationwide—we must be willing to educate the public, our family and friends, and our legislators.

Here are some simple steps anyone can take:

Write Your Legislators

While a handwritten letter is best, an email is still a good option when time and resources are limited. Let your State Rep and State Senator know why vaccine choice matters to you. 

Build Your Own Advocacy Folder

Print off these documents to study and use as talking points. You can also share them with your legislators, school administrators, health care providers, family and friends.

Smile in Red

Share Your Time or Skills

Volunteer opportunities are open to all active members of MVC with a good understanding of MVC's mission, as outlined on the About MVC page.

Build Relationships with Legislators.png

Build Relationships

Attend your own in-district
legislative coffee hours. Find out
who your State Representative and
State Senators are, sign up for their
newsletters, and follow them on
their social media platforms to find
out when their coffee hours are.

All Hands On Deck

Base your level of involvement on your availability, not experience. We can even connect you with an experienced vaccine choice advocate for more guidance. 

Just 1 hour a month to spare

Between work, family, school, and caring for others, it may seem like you have no time to make an impact, but MVC has quick actions you can take when you have a minute here and there.


  • Share this website with your friends and family


  • Show your support for MVC by wearing a vaccine choice pin, t-shirt, or hat


  • Share, like or thumbs up MVC content on social media


  • And most important:
    Visit the MVC Action Center to contact your legislators; email is predefined and can be  automatically sent with a short form and click of a button

4-5 hours a month to spare

This is the level at which MVC's more active members contribute their time and advocacy efforts at around 1 hour per week.

In addition to the activities outlined in the other section, you can:

  • Monitor and share vaccine-choice legislation with members and MVC leaders

  • Build relationships with your legislator(s) by attending their coffee, etc.

  • Volunteer to educate other MVC Community Members or do community outreach

  • MVC is 100% volunteer, so you can contribute your skillset for administrative, creative, or tech 

Additional Guides To Help You Advocate

Michigan Citizen's Guide to State Government (pdf)

Prepared by the Michigan Legislature, provides information to get in touch with the RIGHT PEOPLE AT THE RIGHT TIME to make your concerns heard. 

NVIC Vaccine Law Reform Guide (pdf)

Prepared by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), explains how informed consent and precautionary principles together serve as an ethical foundation for protecting consumer rights and ensuring patient safety. 

We Need Your Help

Michigan is one of 17 states that continues to support the right of parents and individuals to make their own vaccination choices, although that right is threatened. 

As a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, MVC is dependent upon the generous support of its members and volunteers. 100% of your donation goes directly toward the cause of educating Michigan citizens and defending vaccine choice.

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