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Volunteer opportunities are open to all active members of MVC with a good understanding of MVC's mission, as outlined on the About MVC page.


It is recommended that you be an active member for at least 6 months prior to volunteering so you have a chance to attend become familiar with the organization, website, online resources, and interact with other members and volunteers.

Complete a volunteer interest form.

Tell MVC leaders about your interests and skills.

Submit the volunteer agreement.

MVC holds all volunteers to a standard of conduct.

Free Resources

  • This website of sourced content 

  • Professionally printed materials

  • VoterVoice advocacy app

  • Member e-newsletter and alerts

  • Meet ups and educational events 

MVC Seeks Members that are:

  • Michigan citizens in favor of vaccine choice; this includes people who fully vaccinate, partially or selectively vaccinate, and either stopped vaccinating or do not vaccinate at all

  • Individuals, families, and/or healthcare professionals 

How You Can Help

  • Participate in advocacy efforts at the local and state level

  • Plan, host, or coordinate an event

  • Recruit speakers for educational events or townhall webinars

  • Assist with fundraising

  • Assist with community building

  • Fulfill online orders for MVC materials placed through our online store

  • Develop written, spoken, visual, graphical, or digital communications

  • Become an ambassador for MVC 

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