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While CDC assures the public that COVID-19 vaccines do not cause fertility issues, and that any menstrual irregularities are minor and temporary, the V-safe free-text entries CDC was forced to produce by a court order show the opposite!

ICAN’s review of the free-text records produced to date, which are only a small fraction of the total set to be released by CDC, reveal at least 500 reports of miscarriage and more than 2,000 reports of menstrual disturbances.

Here are a few examples:

  • “I had a miscarriage at 13 weeks between my first and second vaccine. No chromosomal abnormalities detected.”

  • “I started my menstrual cycle and I’ve been in menopause for 11mo. I started the night of my vaccine. Not sure if it was a coincidence.”

  • “I had miscarriage after 2nd dose of Pfizer covid vaccine. I felt fine until I had the vaccine and within 48 hrs pregnancy symptoms ceased. I have no history of fertility issues or complications and had 2 healthy uneventful pregnancies prior to this.”

  • “I feel this has affected my hormones greatly. About a week after my shot I felt thrown into menopause. Hot flashes, horrible night sweats, mood swings and anxiety. Prior to shot I had none of these symptoms.”

Not only has CDC ignored these reports from its own V-safe program, but it has also ignored studies from healthcare specialists within the United States supporting these same harms. For example, one study found significant harms to pregnant women and infants following COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy.

Instead of taking these reported harms seriously, CDC’s website instead points to a study funded by none other than CDC itself to claim COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy is not associated with adverse outcomes.

This again reflects that CDC is not a medical or science organization, but rather a political one. And like all political entities, it sets a policy—in this case that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and everyone must partake—and then only publishes information to support that policy. People don’t matter. Facts don’t matter. Only the policy of increased vaccine uptake matters.

ICAN will continue to review and report on the V-safe free-text entries as they are received. If you are interested in reviewing the free-text entries, you can download this data directly.


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