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Speaking with the Judge

Michigan Law Protects
Vaccine Choice

Many people are not fully informed about their rights to delay, decline or selectively vaccinate in Michigan.

The Michigan legislation provides exemptions to mandatory vaccinations for medical, religious or other reasons. This can be found in Statute §333.9215

Personal Exemptions

A child is exempt from this part if a parent, guardian, or person in loco parentis of the child presents a written statement to the administrator of the child's school or operator of the group program to the effect that the requirements of this part cannot be met because of religious convictions or other objection to immunization.

Medical Exemptions

A child is exempt from the requirements of this part as to a specific immunization for any period of time as to which a physician certifies that a specific immunization is or may be detrimental to the child's health or is not appropriate.

Did you know?

You are not legally obliged to sign the American Pediatric Association Refusal to Vaccinate form when  delaying, separating, or declining vaccine(s) for your child. 

Administrative Rule 325.176(12) 

The Michigan Health Department enacted Administrative Rule 325.176 (12) on January 1, 2015 requiring parents or guardians who want a religious or philosophical exemption from one or more vaccines for their child(ren), to attend a vaccine education session at their local health department. In exchange, they would receive a state-issued certified waiver.

Prior to the rule enactment, parents or guardians only needed to provide a written statement indicating that they objected to one or more required vaccines, based on religious convictions or other objections. 

Difficulties With the Administrative Rule

Difficulties include:

  • Attending the same education session multiple times for each child in a household

  • Info about vaccine risks or how to report injuries not discussed

  • Religious beliefs questioned

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