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Proposed OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) on Covid-19 Vaccination and Testing

Many workplaces around the nation are scrambling to figure out the requirements of the proposed OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) on Covid-19 Vaccination and Testing, and whether or not they must follow the mandates they are hearing about.
The following presentation and article are an attempt to clarify the illegality of the current ETS promulgation, the statutory authority of the Executive Branch, the regulatory rulemaking process, the legal and scientifically-accepted hazard control process, the aspects over which OSHA has authority and jurisdiction and those in which they do not, the liability placed on employers for enforcing workplace mandates as a condition of employment, and the constitutionality of the mandates within the ETS.

Quest for Truth Presentation

OSHA Regulations, Rules and Mandate Madness by Kristine Megan and Tammy Clark

Quest for Truth Speakers

Quest for Truth Event - Tammy Clark.jpeg
OSHA Environmental Health and Safety Expert

Tammy Clark

Ms. Clark has worked with local and national organizations to keep employees safe from environmental hazards. She holds several industry certifications in the fields of Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Health and Safety, and emergency medicine. Named one of the “Most Influential Women in Michigan” by the Grand Rapids Business Journal in 2018, and an additional nomination in 2020.


Known for her work as an “Accidental Activist” since becoming a Federal OSHA Whistleblower in 2020, Ms. Clark has also served as a Legal Expert Witness in several court cases related to respiratory protection, PPE, health and safety.

Senior Industrial Hygienist

Kristen Meghan

Quest for Truth Event - Kristen Meghan Kelly.jpeg

Kristen has worked in the field of Occupational and Environmental Toxicology with 19 years experience in public health, decontamination site management, and hazardous materials management. She's also served on infectious prevention and control committees and has trained medical professionals on universal precautions, avoiding cross-contamination and risk mitigation.


Spending 9 years on active duty, Kristen blew the whistle on health and environmental hazards. Since then she has appeared on TV worldwide and in multiple documentaries, and continues to openly share her knowledge about masks and public health. 

Ph. D., Cellular and Molecular Biology

Dr. Christina Parks 

Dr. Parks is a passionate advocate for scientific and medical freedom and has been closely following the science around the world on the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 as well as on the development of the fast-tracked SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.


Dr. Parks has been in the spotlight for her outspoken resistance to the “racial bias” narrative pushed by Michigan’s Governor Whitmer.


Dr. Parks advocates that researchers and medical professionals focus on known epigenetic differences in the African American population that are causing them to be more vulnerable to COVID-19, and for doctors to treat patients accordingly.

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