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Time to do your homework on vaccine safety, efficacy and the diseases that they target.

Researching and Writing

Each vaccine comes with a package insert that is 12-20 pages long.

Healthcare providers are only obligated (per Federal law) to provide a one-page vaccine information sheet (VIS) before a vaccine is administered, but you can request that they provide the full package insert that comes with each vaccine.

Key areas to review include: 

  • Vaccine administration and storage instructions

  • Contraindications relative to your health, or prior vaccine reactions

  • Warnings and precautions

  • What adverse reactions may occur

  • What safety studies were done and for how long

Safer Vaccination Tip

You can always ask your doctor or pharmacist to review a vaccine's package insert with you prior to vaccination. Because of the number of pages and questions you may have, it may be best to schedule additional time with your provider out of respect for their schedule.


You may obtain package inserts online by visiting


"It's Federal Law! You must give current VISs to all your patients before vaccinating them."

Did your healthcare provider provide a

VIS prior to


U.S. Federal Law requires healthcare providers to provide Vaccine Information Sheets (VISs) prior to vaccination. It does not require them to provide the vaccine's package insert, but you may still request it.

MVC has informally sampled its members to learn that VISs are often given after vaccination occurs, or even during. Being informed about this law will allow you to better advocate for yourself and/or your child,

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