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What Is Vaccine Choice?

Vaccine mandates set a precedent for unwanted medical and bio interventions. Mandates also interfere with your ability to receive individualized medical and healthcare due to the one-size-fits-all protocol.

Full Vaccination

While most people follow the vaccine schedule  recommended by the CDC, they also realize the importance of vaccine choice at school, work, and now travel and more.

Delayed Vaccination

Infants and children  can receive up to 8 shots in a single office visit. Some parents choose to separate or delay those shots across a few visits rather than receiving them all at once. 

Selective Vaccination

Ever skip the flu shot?
If so, you have practiced vaccine choice and may not have even realized it. MVC members also reserve the right to choose which shots to accept or decline. 

Opting Out

Parents who witness a vaccine injury typically opt out of future doses and additional vaccines. Many "ex-vaxxers" were originally fully following the vaccine schedule.

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All 73 Doses From Birth To Graduation Are  Optional 

Michigan is one of 17 states that allows non-medical exemptions. 

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$4.5 Billion In  Death And Injuries  And Growing

Vaccine injuries are not rare, and are severely under-reported.