How to Write Your Legislator (and Why It's Important)

You legislators are people just like you. They often have jobs and careers and families outside of their office at the state capitol. For the most part, they want to know how they can better represent you. When writing your letter, just tell them why vaccine choice is important to you.

Find your legislator.

Your state of Michigan legislators are comprised of a State Senator and a State Representative.

Make the letter personal.

You can use personal stories or specific information that you found eye opening.

Write the letter by hand if you can.

You don't need fancy paper or perfect handwriting. Your letter just needs to be clear and legible. Typed letters are okay, too.

Below is a sample letter to get you started

It outlines why and how the current administrative rule is overreaching in its legal authority and allows for your child to be discriminated against.

Dear Honorable Legislator:

I am writing you today because I have serious concerns with the continued actions by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, specifically related to the promulgation of two administrative rules that impact my statutory right to exercise a vaccine exemption for my child and my child’s fundamental right to an education in this state, free from discrimination based on his or her exemption status.

These rules [325.175(4) and 325.176(12] conflict with the statutory procedures clearly set forth by the governing statutes (MCL§333.9215 and MCL§333.2453) and usurped the legislative intent of both statutes. MDHHS does not have the legal authority to require a procedure in place of a clear statutory procedure and they cannot give themselves more authority than what the statute allows. These rules promote governmental intrusion into our children’s education. Both rules are discriminatory and are having a punitive effect on law-abiding parents who exercise their statutory right to a vaccine exemption. Both rules are unfunded mandates and have been a burden to children, parents, schools and local health departments across the state as no funds were allocated. Lastly, these rules are being carried out differently in every county in the State of Michigan; the rules are arbitrary and capricious.

I am asking that you too would object to these administrative rules because of the numerous legal and legislative concerns with the changes, such as:

✔ The agency lacks statutory authority for the rule.

✔ The agency is exceeding the scope of its rule-making authority.

✔ The rule is in conflict with state law.

✔ The rule is arbitrary or capricious.

✔ The rule is “unduly burdensome” to the public or licensees.

Please hold the MDHHS to higher standard for transparency and accountability to good people of Michigan. I am asking you to make this right. Per MCL §24.251 the Legislature can ACT to rescind these rules as MDHHS has acted outside of their statutory authority and these rules are not within the legislative intent of the governing statutes. We are not trying to CHANGE any law, or 'loosen' any waiver requirements, we are asking you to PROTECT the law. Please protect my parental rights and my child’s right to an education by correcting this complete and obvious overreach of an administrative agency.

Thank you/Sincerely,

#Legislation #AdministrativeRule #VaccineWaiver

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