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The U.S. gave full approval to Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine Monday, August 23, 2021, which the Associated Press (AP) described as: "a milestone that could boost public confidence in the shots and spur more companies, universities and local governments to make vaccinations mandatory."

Steps MVC Took To Help Educate the Public

On  March  9,  2021...

Michigan for Vaccine Choice (MVC) sent a letter to MDHHS informing that its COVID-19  vaccine materials violated federal law.  

On  March  16,  2021...

MDHHS responded and indicated that it had reviewed and revised its promotional materials. Despite the representation made in the response letter that the state had "reviewed” and “revised” the false COVID-19 vaccine materials, these materials continue to be disseminated by MDHHS and the Protect Michigan Commission.

On March 25, 2021...

As a result of the state’s ongoing violation of federal law, MVC sent a public comment letter to the Protect Michigan Commission citing additional instances of the Commission disseminating false information about the investigational COVID-19 vaccines. 


Since receiving the public comment letter, the Protect Michigan Commission has deleted some false COVID-19 vaccine materials. However, MDHHS and the Protect Michigan Commission continue to disseminate false COVID-19 vaccine material in violation of federal law. 

On April 2, 2021...

MVC sent a follow-up letter to MDHHS about identifying and correcting false COVID-19 vaccine materials that it continues to circulate despite knowledge of the violations to federal law.

On April 9, 2021...

MVC received a response from MDHHS. 

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The coronavirus, known as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), causes the COVID-19 disease. Currently, the FDA has authorized the use of three investigational COVID-19 vaccines under an emergency use authorization [“EUA”]. Federal law places conditions on the promotion of the investigational COVID-19 vaccines authorized under an EUA as these vaccines are authorized not approved and safety and efficacy studies are currently ongoing. Allison Lucas, an attorney for Michigan for Vaccine Choice who consulted with the FDA on the matter states, "Because these vaccines are unapproved and investigational, federal law provides clear restrictions on how they can be described, advertised, and promoted and also requires disclosure that the vaccines are not approved or licensed by FDA".  


Michigan for Vaccine Choice understands the importance of MDHHS and its delegates disseminating information on the investigational COVID-19 vaccines. Unfortunately, the content being used by MDHHS to promote the investigational COVID-19 vaccines to the public is false and misleading and violates federal law because their content:


  1. lacks the FDA disclosures required of EUA products;

  2. falsely claims that the investigational COVID-19 vaccines are approved by FDA;

  3. makes false claims regarding the EUA vaccine safety process;

  4. falsely claims the investigational COVID-19 vaccines prevent spread of SARS-CoV-2; and

  5. makes false claims regarding the safety and efficacy of the investigational COVID-19 vaccines.


Michigan For Vaccine Choice issued a letter, through its attorney, to Michigan officials including MDHHS on March 9, 2021, making them aware of the violations and requesting that the state immediately remove all false and/or misleading COVID-19 vaccine materials and publicly issue corrections within five business days.


Michigan for Vaccine Choice believes that Michigan citizens deserve clear, truthful, transparent, and lawful COVID-19 vaccine information so that each individual can make informed decisions regarding vaccination.

What Is Vaccine Choice?

Vaccine mandates set a precedent for unwanted medical and bio interventions. Mandates also interfere with your ability to receive individualized medical and healthcare due to the one-size-fits-all protocol.

Full Vaccination

While most people follow the vaccine schedule  recommended by the CDC, they also realize the importance of vaccine choice at school, work, and now travel and more.

Delayed Vaccination

Infants and children  can receive up to 8 shots in a single office visit. Some parents choose to separate or delay those shots across a few visits rather than receiving them all at once. 

Selective Vaccination

Ever skip the flu shot?
If so, you have practiced vaccine choice and may not have even realized it. MVC members also reserve the right to choose which shots to accept or decline. 

Opting Out

Parents who witness a vaccine injury typically opt out of future doses and additional vaccines. Many "ex-vaxxers" were originally fully following the vaccine schedule.

Ready To Get Involved?

Thank you for helping to secure vaccine choice for this generation and the next. MVC members enjoy many benefits of learning from a like-minded community, experienced vaccine choice advocates, and special presentations from medical and legal experts. But everyone is welcome to utilize our educational resources and advocacy tools found on our website, as well as the MVC Action Center, which makes contacting your legislators about vaccine choice easy and secure. Remember, your voice counts!