Vaccine choice is about personal choice.

Everyone should have the right to make their own healthcare choices. Vaccine mandates interfere with that choice, and set a precedent for other unwanted medical interventions. Mandates also interfere with your ability to receive individualized medical care due the one-size-fits-all protocol.

Did you know?

According to package inserts, it's important to discuss with your doctor any allergies or previous reactions you had to a vaccine prior to receiving additional doses. Most people assume if they have an adverse reaction to a vaccine, they will qualify for a medical exemption, but there are few qualifying circumstances. Furthermore, exemptions are not granted by your doctor, but by the state health department. 


Why people delay or selectively vaccinate:

Choice belongs to us.

Certain segments of our population are targeted with vaccine mandates, more than others:

  • Pregnant mothers 

  • Parents of infants and children

  • College students

  • Healthcare employees

  • Government employees

  • U.S. Veterans*

  • Adults and Elderly**

*21st Century Veterans Benefits Delivery Act

**Healthy People 2020

Vaccine Choice Is Not Anti-Vaccine

Full Vaccination


While many parents follow the vaccines currently recommended by the CDC, they realize the importance of vaccine choice.


Delayed Vaccination

Infants and children can receive up to 8 shots in a single office visit. Many parents choose to separate or delay those shots. 

Selective Vaccination


Ever skip the flu shot?

If so, you practiced vaccine choice. Our members also enjoy choosing which vaccines to take or decline. 

Opting out of Vaccination


Parents who witness a vaccine injury often opt out of future doses. In short, most ex-vaxxers were pro-vaccine at one time.

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Michigan for Vaccine Choice is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing educational information about the subject of vaccinations, while protecting and supporting individuals and parents to make vaccine decisions in Michigan.

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